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What we do for your Trucking Company...



Carrier Packets On Your Behalf.

We handle all of the paperwork required by brokers from start to finish.


Finding Your Loads.

We use our relationships and industry leading software to find you the best freight available. We save you the hassle of dealing with a load board.


Verifying Broker Credit.

We run broker checks through FMCSA to assure our clients only haul for brokers who pay on time.


Highest Rate Negotiation.

We earn 5% of our clients gross which gives our dispatchers extra incentive to negotiate harder. We aim to negotiate our 5% from the brokers side to help your trucking company save.



You tell us who you factor your loads with and we'll do the rest.


Emergency Roadside Assistance.

In unfortunate situations such as breakdowns we handle roadside assistance while your driver focuses on the emergency.


Route Planning.

Your drivers communicate their hours of service with their assigned dispatcher and we plan routes that keep you profitable and in compliance.


Negotiating Extra Fees Owed To Our Clients.

We negotiate any fees owed after delivery such as TONU, detention pay, etc.

Payment Terms

We provide all services at a rate of 5%. No contract. To end our service you tell us and we stop. No hassle!

Any extra fees such as detention pay belong to you. We invoice 5% of original rate only.

Invoices are due upon receipt after load is complete. 

Payment is as easy as a push of a button through google pay.

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